God’s Love For Us

January 24, 2021

Daily Reading: Romans 5

But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8, NIV)

I am so thankful to God the Father for sending His beloved Son into the world to pay the penalty for my, and all of mankind’s, sin while our backs were turned on Him. I was a very lost sheep, running amok in the pasture when Jesus rescued me and brought me into the sheepfold.  One of my favorite pictures is that of a shepherd leaning way over a cliff to rescue a lost lamb. 

I have a few friends, whom I am very fond of, who are still lost sheep. Six of us library volunteers meet together each week on zoom to discuss library business and other topics. Two of my friends have said that they once attended church but no longer do so. One friend is Jewish and celebrates the festivals but does not attend synagogue. I have never had a spiritual discussion with the other two friends. They do know that I am very active in my church and am interested in spiritual literature. I have shared my testimony with one of the girls.

I have known my friends for years and have longed to share a clear gospel message with them, but I must confess that I am afraid of rejection. In sharing this situation with my Sunday school zoom class, one of the members suggested that instead of focusing on myself, I begin by asking each to tell me the story of her spiritual journey. I could ask my friends, including my Jewish friend, about their current relationships with God.  This has sparked just the right note with me, and I look forward to having a conversation with each one when we can again see each other face to face.

Thankful for friends, 

Margaret B.

1 thought on “God’s Love For Us

  1. When you go to the library, make sure you look both ways if you are walking my sister. Thanks for the thought that sharing the love of God has a listening component to it!


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